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Academic Information

In order to approve your application and send your acceptance letter, you must include in your file the pre-registration of subjects.

The subjects are offered in three blocks: Common Area, Bachelor and Postgraduate. Be sure to choose courses that meet your academic level and expectations, and that will be recognized by your university. As an exchange student, you must take a minimum of 4 subjects and a maximum of 9 subjects.


Área Común Courses

Courses that are part of all degree programs and have academic credits. In order to enroll in these courses, it is necessary to indicate that you will be studying  subjects of Área Común when filling out the pre-registration of subjects. Check the Subject Database and enter the Área Común tab to see the courses offer.

  • Language Center. Foreign language courses are offered (except Spanish). In order to register, during the orientation week you must submit an English placement test. If your level of English is advanced you can register another language, if your level of English is intermediate, you can only take English classes.
  •  Professional Human Development Coordination (CDHP). Courses on self-management, entrepreneurship, ethics, leadership, communication and autonomy, with a humanistic, Christian and sustainable approach. Check here the abstract of the subjects.

Undergraduate Courses

Choose courses from all the undergraduate courses, except for Medicine and programs of the Escuela de ALtos Estudios en Salud. All faculties are located within the Benjamin Franklin Unit, so you can combine courses from different degrees and faculties, as long as there is no schedule overlap.

Download the Subject Database and enter the tab of the Faculty that interests you. Check the program (degree) of your interest. In some degrees there are courses that are only taught in the August-December period and there are courses that are only taught in the January-June period (indicated in the file). The 1st to 3rd semester courses are basic, they are not recommended for students participating in the mobility program. All programs are taught in Spanish.


Graduate Courses

The courses of the specialties in the Faculty of Business, and the courses of the Master in International Management Executives (MIEX), are available for students who have authorization from their home university and four years of studies at university level or who have completed a degree at your university (subject to availability).

Download the Subject Database
and enter the Pos Negocios tab. Consult the courses taught in the specialties of the Business School and the courses of the MIEX program (subject to change). The courses are subject to availability. The MIEX program courses are only taught in the August-December period.

Note: the graduate and undergraduate calendars are different. It is possible to combine undergraduate courses with graduate courses, but in these cases you must comply with both calendars. Semester 1 begins the third week of August and ends the first week of December; in this period you can choose courses of the specialties in the faculty of business and MIEX (these courses are taught in English). Semester 2 begins the second week of January and ends the last week of April; In this period you can only choose courses of the specialties in the Faculty of Business (MIEX courses are not available).


Check here information about the courses (levels, credits, selection, registration, validation and modifications)

If you have questions about the courses, please contact the academic coordinators of the program that interests you. Download the directory here.



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